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coin rings

Now available are quality rings made from a variety of coins from clad quarters, half-dollars and dollars as well as 90% silver coins.  These are made from authentic coins and are NOT punched plugs.  Also available are specialty coins such as the Sacajawea and Bicentennial Coins.  Custom work available.  Contact the artist for more information.    Facebook/cgbfinearts or


Ask for a price on silver coin rings (pre 1965). or Facebook/cgbfinearts


hammered copper

Our Hammered Copper rings are hand forged, pure copper.  Each has been coated with a heavy duty metal sealer.  Choose from unadorned bands or bands enhanced with authentic stones.

Flatware Rings

Our flatware rings are made from authentic vintage flatware,  not the stamped and dipped you may see on other sites.  Choose from "Bright Silver" or "Black Silver".   Each has been coated with a heavy duty metal sealer. 



Rings are also available at The Ritzy Texan, 103 W. Polk St, Burnet, Texas.  Call 512-234-8008

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